A Look Inside

The Fallen Industry

Design Studio


A terrific peek into the workshop of Fallen Industry and designer Paul Kruger's background and interpretation of the work.

By Mario Tahi Lathan 

The Artist 


​Paul Kruger was born and raised in New York City. As a child, he would play near the city's edge, along the Hudson River, making swords and walking sticks out of the washed-up driftwood. He attended art schools throughout his early life, including the specialized fine art high school LaGuardia, later earning his BFA at The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in lower Manhattan.
In 2008, he began to revisit the path along the Hudson River, now seeing seas of industrial man-made NYC driftwood left for waste. He became enthralled with the possibilities of where the pieces came from, what they were in their passed lives, and what he could transform them into. He began recycling the driftwood into sculptures...

As he fine-tuned his craft, in 2012, he took on bigger projects, now making furniture, tables, shelves, and lamps, from fallen trees across the nation. He paired the natural wood with industrial-style steel bases, forming a new collection. From childhood swords to organically shaped furniture, the designs of Fallen Industry come from seeing new purpose and beauty in what would otherwise have been discarded or destroyed.

The Wood

Our wood materials are all from fallen trees. Trees that were cut down to make room for industrial growth. Trees that have lived their lives and have fallen naturally. Or trees that were about to fall and cause damage to homes. The trees come from all over the country, and as new and unique projects arise, we must search deeper to find the exact right shapes and species. After all, trees don’t always grow the precise way you want them to.

It’s amazing to think that these truly massive and ancient beings once started as a tiny seed you could fit in your hands. We attempt to give homage to the trees by preserving their natural beauty and organic symmetry that only Mother Nature can create. We cherish the knots, holes, and burl that lumber companies consider undesirable. And we give new life to one of nature's enigmas, that does nothing but good for all who breathe its air and inhabit this Earth.​​

​The wood is milled, kiln-dried, planed, cut, joined, butterflied, sanded, finished with a hand-rubbed oil, sanded, oiled, sanded, oiled, sanded, oiled... Then we use several coats of a secret company glaze to protect the wood from any future damage.

The Steel

We offer a wide selection of base styles using industrial pipe, modern carbon steel and stainless steel. In most case we'll start by you selecting your wood, then we'll design a custom base to fit the shape and your preferences. Use our growing collection to inspire a creation of your own. But we love creating new designs and in this world almost anything is possible.



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